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Three Plans for Designing Instructional Videos – Part III

As we have explored in part I and part II of this series, there are many ways to design instructional videos. These range from simple information delivery video, to more complex scenario-based learning experiences. In the final article of this series, I explore how to use demonstration videos as a teaching technique while also allowing […]

Three Plans for Designing Instructional Videos – Part II

Instructional videos are becoming an increasingly important part of teaching and learning experiences. In part I of this series, I described ways to organize a video by focusing on the context first and then describing the concept. In this article, I will share how to use challenge questions to organize and guide the development of […]

Three Plans for Designing Instructional Videos – Part I

The following three-part series presents techniques for designing instructional videos that maximize learning value. Each contribution to this series will highlight one model for how you might go about designing and planning a video. Each of these models can (and should) be modified to meet your learners’ needs and teaching situations. About Instructional Videos Video […]