Reflecting on “practice retrieval” by a business faculty member

by Anonymous Business faculty — 

Something I am just now realizing, and appreciating, is that many of the speakers and books we are exposed to through 21CPI are saying the same things but in different words and examples, and methods. They are beginning to ‘transform’ me, so to speak, as they are incorporated into how I think about designing a class and a class session.

After listening to Dr. Christine Harrington speak at a UCO event recently, and especially the discussions around the idea of activating prior knowledge, multiple things started to coalesce within me. Also, with the discussions in the Notre Dame series of workshops this semester, I learned that I need to devote more time and attention to how I will regularly incorporate different methods of accomplishing this in both my online and F2F classes.

The research she presented on practice retrieval was eye-opening. I have thought about discontinuing the weekly quizzes I have in classes, but I’m not going to now.

I seem to reflect well when I’m trying to build or create something. I am considering creating a student presentation including many of these principles and the underlying research to understand that there is a reason behind some of the madness. I have heard many times lately that, yes, we should be sharing these ideas with our students. Unfortunately, I seem to stay busy learning about them myself and trying to incorporate them into classes!

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