Three Plans for Designing Instructional Videos – Part II

Instructional videos are becoming an increasingly important part of teaching and learning experiences. In part I of this series, I described ways to organize a video by focusing on the context first and then describing the concept.

In this article, I will share how to use challenge questions to organize and guide the development of instructional videos.


Challenge Question

The Challenge Question model is designed to explore a given question and then provide description and instruction that helps answer the question. This approach works well for case-based learning situations and helping learners navigate problem solving processes.

Working from the basic model, you may also find that sharing examples of how other people have solved this problem in the video further enhances the value for learners.

The following model and video describes how you can use this approach for designing instructional videos for the courses you teach.

Image of LEM showing the Challenge Question ModelScreenshop of LEM Challenge Question Model



The next article in this series answers how to design instructional videos based on demonstrations and allow learning to try learning and applying new skills.


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