Book Clubs & Workshops – Spring 2023

Book Clubs  |  Workshops  |  The Great Upheaval Book Groups  |  STLR Sessions  |  TL Conference  |  Collegium  |  On Demand Sessions  |  Additional Opportunities BOOK CLUBS – Click Here to Register!   The fine print: Books are provided for first 10 UCO registrants, faculty are provided only one book per semester (unless we have extras), […]

Book Clubs & Workshops – Summer 2022

Book Clubs  |  Workshops  |  STLR Sessions  |  Collegium  |  On Demand Sessions  |  Additional Opportunities BOOK CLUBS – Click Here to Register!  The fine print: Sessions are capped at 10 participants unless otherwise noted, books are provided for first 10 registrants, faculty are provided only one book per semester, and registrants are requested to […]

Frequently Identified Learning Outcomes

Check out this graph showing most frequently identified learning outcomes among institutions surveyed for the report. Fifteen outcomes are shown, ranging from a high of 90% for Written Communication down to a low of 29% for Digital Literacy. Source: Finley, A. & McConnell, K. D. (2022). On the same page?: Adiministrator and faculty views on […]

Qedex: On Demand Faculty Development

The 21st Century Pedagogy Institute (21CPI, https://21cpi.uco.edu), part of UCO’s Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning, is proud to offer a limited number of complimentary licenses to an on-demand faculty development platform, Qedex (https://www.qedex.org). To request a license, please complete the following form:  https://uco.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4JzPX5wHIDW1MO2 For the chance to receive 21CPI credit, please do […]

Incorporating Transformative Learning into a Spanish Course

Introduction I attended UCO’s Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) training in the summer of 2019 and subsequently used information from that instruction to redesign one of my fall 2019 Elementary Spanish I culture activities. Motivating my effort was interest in refreshing course assignments, helping students meet course and UCO transformative learning objectives in new and […]

Three Techniques for Using Micro-Credentials to Engage Learners

Think of a time when you completed a college course, a webinar, or a workplace seminar… There were most likely records of your attendance and completion…but…how were you able to communicate the skills you gained with others? Did you receive a paper certificate? A standard transcript? Micro-credentials are gaining popularity in education and workplace settings […]

Teaching From Home: Structure, Time-Management, & Self-Care

Todd Zakrajsek, our 2016 UCO Collegium speaker, offers some quick tips on working from home Designate A Work Area Identify items to bring to your home office. What may make your workload more natural, familiar, and comfortable (e.g., favorite travel mug, a reference tool, or book that you reach for often, or even a favorite […]

Dynamic Lecturing – Seven Online Lecture Enhancement Strategies

Dr. Christine Harrington, one of the keynote speakers at the Sept. 7th and 8th, 2020 Collegium and co-author of the notable book on Dynamic Lecturing, has summarized helpful techniques for Dynamic Lecturing in Synchronous Online Lectures. Technology tools such as Zoom make it easy for faculty to conduct live teaching sessions in an online environment.  […]

Four Steps to Designing Micro Learning Interactions

Article by Bucky J. Dodd, Ph.D. – When designing learning experiences, many educators tend to focus on designing overall formal learning environments such as a courses, seminars, or workshops. Within these formal learning processes, there are often many dynamic opportunities to support learning based on the unique needs and experiences that learners encounter. Responding to […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Learning Innovation

Written by Bucky J. Dodd, PhD – The Institute for Learning Environment Design recently attended the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate conference in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to catching up with many of our collaborators from other institutions, we also unveiled a new visual analytics tool for accelerating learning innovation called the Learning Environment Innovation […]