About TT-S

In its brief articles, Transformative Teacher-Scholar aims to provide information relevant to college and university teacher-scholars who seek not only to help students achieve learning outcomes but to do so in a way that seeds opportunities which move students beyond mere consumptive learning toward more transformative educational experiences. Contributions to the TT-S include:

  • a graphic (the “Clip”) which summarizes information, from other sources, of interest to university teacher-scholars
  • articles/posts about:
    • Transformative Learning and educational leadership in general,
    • college teaching,
    • academic readings of interest, and
    • eLearning.

Transformative Teacher-Scholar (TT-S) began as a monthly academic e-newsletter in March 2012. It was distributed via email to UCO faculty, both full- and part-time, as well as to teaching assistants and UCO Staff. Then, in August 2016, we transitioned the TT-S to this more interactive blog format. Feel free to browse through the blog posts, search for particular keywords, and read our archived newsletters (working to re-post soon); then, we welcome your comments, questions, and ideas on those posts, to continue the conversation about these important topics in adult education.