TechCorner: Staying Successful While On-the-Go

Amanda Keesee, manager of Academic Technology & Training

The holidays are fast approaching, meaning more of the university will be taking vacation time, working remotely or traveling. With so many people going in so many different directions, it can feel like workflows get bogged down and collaborative work comes to a halt! However, UCO teams that take advantage of Microsoft Office 365’s on-the-go collaboration tools, can continue to work effectively and efficiently while reducing stress on everyone involved.

Office 365 for Faculty, Staff and Students

MS Teams

Many groups across campus have already started taking advantage of the flexibility of Microsoft Teams for communicating and connecting individuals who may be working from different locations. MS Teams gives groups the option to meet virtually, make calls, send instant messages and share/collaborate on documents.


Microsoft’s Cloud Storage area makes it easy to upload documents and access them from any device. With easy-to-use sharing features, a variety of organization tools and a large amount of storage space, even novice users can quickly set up any of their UCO files for individual or collaborative work. Keep in mind, UCO’s Data Classification policy allows for the storage of all classified data types in OneDrive locations except for Social Security Numbers.

Mobile & Online Apps

The experience of creating, editing and collaborating documents while away from your office computer has improved a great deal in the past few years. All documents stored in OneDrive can be easily opened in Microsoft 365 online apps or in mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet. While there are some advanced features missing from the online/mobile versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, all of the most needed tools are available with an interface that looks incredibly similar to what you see in the Desktop version.

Learn about all these tools and more in the UCO’s Technology Training course on Office 365. Sessions are available now.