The Wellness Program

The Wellness Program at the University of Central Oklahoma is dedicated to improving the overall health and well-being of individuals both on campus and in our community through encouraging healthy lifestyle choices such as physical activity, healthy eating and social interactions. Improving the health of UCO faculty and staff increases productivity and retention, while decreasing absenteeism and medical costs.

Regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of all types of chronic diseases, increase productivity, improve happiness and reduce turnover, which is why UCO supports physical activity as part of the workweek.

UCO physical activity benefits provides two hours of working time each week to participate in physical activity, dependent upon supervisor and department approval. In addition to physical activity time, UCO encourage faculty and staff members and their supervisors to:

  • Allowing flexible work arrangement for paid physical activity time;
  • Utilizing free access to the UCO Wellness Center including group fitness classes;
  • Encouraging walking meetings;
  • Implementing activity breaks for meetings longer than one hour; and,
  • Developing teamwork centered physical activity opportunities.

Check out the UCO Wellness Center group fitness class schedule here.