Deer Oaks EAP Monthly Newsletter

All UCO faculty and staff have access to the EAP through Deer Oaks. The EAP provides free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, prevention and education services for you, dependents living at home or elsewhere and anyone who lives in…

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September New Employees

October Birthdays

1 Michelle Hepner Hossein Najmi Jennifer Redwine 2 Leann Laubach Janette Wetsel Damita Kennedy Janie Huebert Guy Ellis Katy Roybal Keisha Jones Brittany Carson Scot Bertrem 3 Lorry Youll Kay Robinson Aaron Gowens William Mckenney 4 Maurice Haff John Goodine…

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October Years of Service

32 Drew Duke 28 Beverly Prosser 26 Jere Stegall 24 Diane Rice 21 Charlene Wiles 18 Ronny Brown 17 Ellen Schmidt 16 David Atkins Gray Hale Adrienne Nobles 15 Amanda Horton 13 Sallie Pollack 12 Jackie Moffatt Andrea McCoy 11…

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