Continuous Cultural Competence Learning Experiences

Cristi Moore, inclusion strategist

The Office of Inclusive Community has curated a variety of excellent diversity, inclusion, equity, belonging, intercultural and social justice learning opportunities. Be sure to complete your three learning opportunities before the end of the year. Follow these instructions below to record your completion status.

Step One

Participate in a learning experience of your choosing which centers diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, or social/environmental justice. A selection of learning experiences are provided as a starting point. However, you are free to choose any learning experience so long as it meets one or more of the Continuous Cultural Competence learning objectives.

Step Two

Log into the UCO Learning Center and access the Continuous Cultural Competence section on the Annual Required Trainings webpage. Select the first module titled, 1. Continuous Cultural Competence Free Choice Learning Experience, and complete it based on the learning experience with which you engaged. This quick module asks for details of the learning experience you selected along with one lesson learned.

Step Three

Select another appropriate learning experience and complete the second module in the Learning Center titled, 2. Continuous Cultural Competence Free Choice Learning Experience, based on your participation in that learning experience. Now repeat one more time. You will end up completing one module per learning experience for a total of three modules.

*Please note if you participate in a learning experience that is three or more hours long (such as a conference or book group), you may use the details of that one experience to complete all three of the Free Choice Learning Experience modules.