Staff Senate Updates

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staff senate update

Staff Senate met on July 12, the guest speakers were Laura Butler, Legislative Liaison and Dr. Erin Logan, Title IX Director.

Standing Committees met to discuss regular meeting times and divisional caucusing topics included how to better communicate with constituents.

Staff Senate will meet again on August 9 from 2-4pm, attend in person or watch for a zoom link in centralities.

Below is a list of Staff Senators for the 2022-23 term, their committee assignments will be available on the website.

 Academic Affairs

  • Brenton Wimmer
  • Rod Edwards
  • Shay Beezley
  • Shelley Selanders
  • Tami Jackson
  • Ellen Schmidt (Re-elected)
  • Gary Parsons (New)
  • Jennifer Burris (New)
  • Liliana Renteria-Mendoza (New)
  • Sue Haller (New)
  • Zachary Hunter (New)

Faculty Representative

  • Jaime Burns
  • Michelle Johnson
  • Jodi Elderton (New)

People and Culture

  • Sarah Marcus

Information Technology

  • Adriana Edwards-Johnson
  • Julio Mata (New)

Finance and Operations

  • Dawn Kaiser
  • Ian Huff
  • Teresa Delaney (Re-elected)
  • Barb Andrews (New)
  • Beatriz Garcia Bertrand (New)

Enrollment and Student Success

  • Hannah Schwab
  • Jared Scism
  • Laura Donner
  • Liz Wallace
  • Taylor Baird
  • Michael Hendricks (Re-elected)
  • Stepheny Smith (Re-elected)
  • Rachel Fairchild (New)

Mixed Divisions

  • Jeff Lockwood
  • Lauren Bieri


  • Vacant

For more detailed information regarding the roles of senators, meeting agendas, minutes, how you can bring legislation topics to the Senate, please visit the UCO Staff Senate website.

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