Policy Changes

Mary Deter-Billings, director of employee relations, talent acquisition and talent development

Employee Relations conducts a review of current UCO policies and updates as necessary in partnership with those who manage the policy. In July 2022, the following policy changes have been made:

The Payment policy was updated:

  • The scope was changed to remove “full-time” from faculty, staff and student employees.
  • Added to the Policy Statement:
    • All terminated faculty, staff and student employees must be paid through the UCO Payroll Department for one year after their termination date.

The Underground Utilities Identification and Repair policy was updated:

  • Removed information regarding Campus Excavation Permits
  • Added specific digging guidelines regarding clearance of marked utility lines

Visit the Policy Changes page on The Hub to see a full list of this year’s changes and modifications. If you have any questions regarding policy changes, email Employee Relations.