Pending Job Requisition Procedure Update

Bailey Cheatham, talent acquisition specialist

When a hiring manager submits a job requisition, it may sit in the approval queue for a multitude of legitimate reasons. This can be stressful to UCO hiring managers who may not know the reasons why and need to hire quickly.

Currently, Talent Acquisition sends e-mailed reminders to the members of requisition approval groups when a pending requisition has been waiting on them for one full week.

This process will continue, but will now have a second and final step to our reminder efforts:

  • If a requisition has been pending action from a member of the appropriate approval group for a requisition for a minimum of two full weeks, Talent Acquisition will send a final reminder e-mail and copy the hiring manager for their records. There will be no further reminder e-mails sent regarding the status of the requisition.

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