Staff Senate Updates

Ellen Schmidt, Master Electrician

staff senate update

In May, the Staff Senate unanimously passed Joint Resolution 2021-2022-001 – Affirmation of, and Support for, Sustainability Efforts in the UCO Community. Adrienne Nobles, Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs spoke about UCO’s advertising and marketing strategies. During Divisional Caucusing, we discussed the FY ’23 budget email that campus received.

In the Staff Senate meeting on June 7th, Dr. Alyssa Provencio, Faculty Senate President, spoke about the challenges on campus and her hopes for her term as Faculty Senate President. Divisional Caucusing topics of conversation were possible collaboration opportunities for Faculty and Staff Senates and what Staff Senate should focus on next year. This was the last regular meeting for the VIII Staff Senate.

The IX Staff Senate will hold a special meeting for officer elections on Monday, June 27th. Elections will be held for President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. Elected officers will meet to appoint the Webmaster/Historian and Parliamentarian and to make committee assignments for the next term. The new Staff Senate term begins July 1st.

For more detailed information regarding the roles of senators, meeting agendas, minutes and how you can bring legislation topics to the Senate, please visit the UCO Staff Senate website.