Faculty Senate Update

Kristi Archuleta, Professor, Adult Education & Safety Sciences

faculty senate update

The UCO Faculty Senate holds meetings the second Thursday of each month during the academic year. The final regularly scheduled meeting was held on April 28th. Guest speakers began with Dr. Amanda Keesee, UCO Manager of Academic Technology and Training and Dr. Alyssa Provencio, provided a brief update in her role as the Academic Affairs Equity Advocate for Academic. Legislation that was passed included FSR-2021-2022 – 005: Defending Academic Freedom to Teach About Race and Gender Justice and Critical Race Theory.

The Faculty Senate Officer for the 2022-2023 year are as follows:

President: Alyssa Provencio

Vice President: Nikki Seagraves

Parliamentarian: Jerry Green

Secretary: Amanda Waters

Correspondent: Marc Goulding

CFAD Representative At-Large: Keith Webb

To attend any upcoming fall UCO Faculty Senate meetings and for or detailed information regarding contacting Faculty Senators, agendas, minutes, and legislation please visit the UCO Faculty Senate Blog