Chosen Name and Pronouns Fields in Paycom

Annabelle Saunders, Assistant Vice President HR Ops & Tech

Faculty, staff and student employees can add or edit their chosen name and pronouns via Paycom Employee Self-Service at any time. Currently, these fields do not connect to Banner or other systems.

Chosen (displayed in Paycom settings as “preferred”) names added to Paycom will be displayed throughout the system where a legal name is not required. To add a chosen name to Paycom, follow the chosen name guide provided on The Hub.

Additionally, pronouns added to Paycom will be viewable by an individual’s supervisor and upline. To add pronouns to Paycom, follow the pronoun guide provided on The Hub.

Supervisors, chairs and deans can follow the viewing employee information guide to view their downline’s information, including chosen names and pronouns.

Student employees do not have access to The Hub. Guides should be downloaded and shared with them if they would like to make these changes.