Wellness Spotlight: Everything in Moderation

Sydney Wood, Benefits Manager 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “everything in moderation,” and nothing could be truer when it comes to your health. It’s all about having a balanced diet and eating healthy 80% of the time. Which means it’s probably okay to enjoy your favorite dessert once in a while!

You can use the below “rules of the roads” to guide you in your journey to a more balanced diet and lifestyle:

Red Light

  • Smoking and using tobacco are never healthy in any amount.

Yellow Light

This is where the “everything in moderation” comes into play. These are things that aren’t good for us in large amounts but having reasonable amounts every now and then are probably fine.

  • Sugar—you need a small amount of sugar in your diet. Our bodies change it into energy. Try to have more natural sugars, like fruit, and fewer added sugars in your diet.
  • Salt—sodium occurs naturally in food, but it’s also often added in during processing, cooking and at the table. To cut down, put the saltshaker away, check food labels and consider buying low-sodium foods.
  • Meat—try to limit red meat. It’s linked to higher risks for some conditions. Additionally, try to avoid processed meat if you can.
  • Alcohol—the dietary guidelines for Americans recommend no more than 1 drink a day for women and 2 men, but one12-ounce beer might have 3.5% alcohol by volume, while another has 7%. If you drink alcohol, it’s important to be aware, be safe and never drink and drive.

Green Light

  • Water, fruits and veggies are always part of a healthy lifestyle.

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