Tech Corner: Microsoft Out-of-Office Replies 

Stephanie Edwards, Web Strategies and OIT Communications

With spring break on the way, here is a quick refresher on managing your email and setting out-of-office replies. 

When you are out of the office, it’s good to let those who contact you by email know that you may be unavailable to respond. UCO breaks, such as spring break, semester breaks or vacations are a great example of this. While your co-workers may not regularly contact you during those times, others may try to reach out and it’s helpful for them to know not to expect a reply right away. Did you know, it also automatically updates your status in Microsoft Teams if you regularly use that service?

For most of your UCO email support needs, you can find self-service assistance in our Microsoft Outlook Knowledge Articles. For specific steps to setting up your out-of-office replies, you can follow along with the Microsoft Send automatic out-of-office replies from Outlook knowledge article