If You Buy, You Must Comply

Jeff Mlekush, coordinator safety operations, Environmental Health and Safety

Tracking chemicals from delivery to disposal is a function of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). EHS tracks chemical purchases made by UCO faculty and staff using a chemical inventory management system called MSDSonline. Employees need to fill out a Hazardous Materials Declaration Form every time they purchase a chemical product. EHS takes the details from this form and inputs the information into MSDSonline.

UCO’s MSDSonline database can reduce injury to an employee, student, or visitor. For example, if an employee accidentally gets window cleaner in their eyes, would you know the appropriate method and duration for flushing their eyes? You can find first aid information on the product’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) found in UCO’s MSDSonline database.

If you would like to know how to use MSDSonline or Safety Data Sheets, or to see a list of reportable chemicals, please contact EHS at 974-2216.