Understanding Equity

Cristi Moore, Inclusion Strategist

A primary function of the Office of Inclusive Community is to promote the use of equity-mindedness throughout all facets of higher education and workplace policies, practices, procedures, curriculum, norms, etc. We want all of our faculty and staff to view their work through an equity-mindset in order to advance diversity and inclusion.

As we work to increase diversity in our institutions, we cannot forget to implement equity and inclusion. An equitable institution will examine resource distribution to ensure those resources are allocated to the communities who have the greatest need. They will provide extra support to those communities who have been served least well by existing systems.

Watch the following video to gain an even better understanding of how inequity is built into systems and institutions.

I challenge us all at the University of Central Oklahoma to really Understand Equity-Mindedness and become equity practitioners. Let’s systematically review our policies, procedures, and curriculum for potential barriers and exclusionary practices that hinder the success of those students, faculty, and staff who belong to minoritized or marginalized communities. Let’s use Equity Tools to remove those barriers and advance inclusive excellence. Let’s constantly examine our assumptions and identify our blind spots. Let’s be lifelong learners who study the social histories of those minoritized and marginalized communities in an effort to increase our understanding and empathy.

Are you with me?