Refresher Course Alert: Governance at UCO

Jill Lynch Silva, talent development specialist

You may or may not know that there are several groups that help keep our university thriving: the Oklahoma State Regents for Education and Regional University System of Oklahoma (RUSO) are strong examples. Equally important are the voices of our Staff and Faculty members through our Staff and Faculty Senates and of course, UCOSA (University of Central Oklahoma Student Association) for our student body. We could probably spend a whole day digging in on this topic, but instead we’ve worked towards creating a self-paced course to put information in your hands when it works best for you.

This refresher course is geared toward informing you of crucial information to help you engage in real changes and improvements within UCO. Take a moment to re-visit the Central Essentials: Governance course to refresh your knowledge of this important aspect of working at UCO. Also, stop by the Faculty Senate and Staff Senate pages to see when their next meetings are taking place. You’re also welcome to view the minutes from past meetings to get up to date on the current items on the agenda. These meetings are open to the UCO Community – now is the time to get involved!