Feature Story: Open Enrollment

Katie Saylor, Manager of Benefits

Open enrollment is here! For 2022, UCO faculty and staff members can enroll from Monday, Oct. 4 to Friday, Oct. 15, 2021, in medical, dental, vision and all other ancillary benefits for themselves and their dependents.

Along with open enrollment, the benefits team is rolling out two new benefits tools—the UCO Benefits App and myHealth&Wealth.

The UCO Benefits App provides UCO community members a quick way to contact live care guides for insurance information and gain access to $0, high-quality care. Dependents on faculty and staff member’s benefits can also download the app to use.

myHealth&Wealth is a benefits decision-making tool that allows faculty and staff members to answer a series of straight-forward questions to make an action plan for their 2022 benefits, create an emergency savings plan and keep track of their retirement accounts.

Here’s a breakdown of other 2022 benefits:

  • All insurance vendors will remain the same (Aetna medical and dental, VSP vision, etc.);
  • Four medical plans will be available to enroll in for all of 2022;
  • The university was able to expand its list of $0 network services, available through the UCO Benefits App; and,
  • The Aetna Dental High Plan now includes new implant coverage under major services

2021 incurred some large healthcare costs for our health plan, resulting in an increase in medical premiums for 2022. We strongly urge UCO community members to utilize their preventative benefits, find in-network services, and use the UCO Benefits App to find $0 care.

For meeting and computer lab information, premiums and more information, visit the 2022 Open Enrollment Website page.