Employee Referral Winner and Process Updates

Paige Buchanan, Recruitment Specialist

We are excited to announce this year’s Employee Referral Winner. Congratulations to Crimson Mason, administrative assistant in the Modern Languages department, on winning a reserved parking space for one year. Thank you for referring Kressley Werth, our new administrative assistant in the History and Geography department, to UCO. We are incredibly lucky to have the both of you!

We are also excited to announce changes to our Employee Referral Program. These changes include an update to the referral process as well as the changes to the prizes. 

New process:

  1. Refer someone you know and trust will be a great addition to UCO
  2. Ensure they add your name (the referring UCO employee) on their application
  3. After they’ve been employed for one year, submit the employee referral form to jobs@uco.edu
  4. You receive a $250 bonus and the chance to win a $1,000 or a parking spot for one year.

One parking space will be awarded in July and one in December. The parking space is a reserved space in close proximity to the winner’s work station and is reserved for a full year. The parking space awarded in July will be for the full fiscal year and the parking space awarded in December will be reserved for the full calendar year. The $1,000 bonus will be announced at fall convocation and the winner will be drawn from any referral from the previous year. 

We would like to thank Campus Enterprise Services for being a great partner by providing us with two reserved parking spaces. Please reach out to jobs@uco.edu if you have any questions about the employee referral program.