Featured Story: Fall 2021 Student Hiring

Brittany Holbrook, student hiring specialist

woman standing in library

Student employees are an essential part of the good work we do here at UCO. We are often one of their very first professional level employers and we want the student employee experience to be a positive one. Their work experience with you or your office can be transformational which fits right in with the other ways that they learn at UCO. You have the great honor of driving the story they tell about their time as a student employee at UCO and how it shaped their understanding of what they can expect from a great leader.

Part of great leadership can be found in preparation and onboarding. If you supervise student employees, we want to encourage you to start preparing now for the fall semester. I’d like to share some information and frequently asked questions and answers that can help both of us as we prepare for the fall 2021 semester. Additionally, this information can also be found on the Student Hiring page on The Hub.

With typically over six hundred student employees, there can be a lot to process at the beginning of the semester – and it takes time. It is not unusual for there to be a 1-5 business day delay between offers being submitted and offers being processed during this time. If you’d like a student new hire to begin working the first week of a new semester, you should always submit the employment offer in Paycom prior to the last week of the previous semester. Now, let’s get started with some of our FAQs.

Do you have an open position you want posted to jobs.uco.edu?

To submit a requisition to have an open position posted, follow the step-by-step student job postings guide. Users should only use the generic student job templates for student postings. There is a generic template for each student hire type at UCO. These templates were created specifically for student postings to prevent unintended user errors that could significantly delay your student’s start date.

Ready to hire a new student employee for the fall semester?

Before selecting an applicant to hire, make sure they meet the student employment requirements. Once this is confirmed and the applicant has accepted your verbal offer for the position, submit the offer information through Paycom by following the step-by-step student employment offer guide. This guide must be followed in its entirety to properly submit the offer information to HR. The offer information will be processed by HR as the Electronic Student Employment Action Form (eSEAF).

Need to check the status of a student who already received the onboarding email?

To check the status of a student new hire who already received the onboarding email from jobs@uco.edu, contact Human Resources at hr@uco.edu or call (405) 974-2366.

Need to rehire a terminated student employee for the fall semester?

To rehire a student who currently has a “terminated” status in Paycom, you do not need to post the position to jobs.uco.edu or go through Paycom at all. Instead, follow the rehire instructions found on The Hub. Rehire offers are processed in the same order they’d be processed if submitted through Paycom, however, they can be submitted through email instead because the student already exists as a previous employee in our system.

Need to hire an active student employee into an additional position?

Like rehires, additional position offers do not need to go through Paycom. Instead, follow the additional position instructions found on The Hub.

Need to make changes to an active student employee?

If a supervisor needs to make any changes to an active student employee’s position, a Personnel Action Form (PAF) will need to be submitted for processing.

Concerns about current summer semester student employees?

Student employees stay active in Paycom until the supervisor submits a separation PAF for termination or the student no longer meets enrollment requirements. As long as the student continues to meet minimum enrollment requirements, they will remain active as a student employee at UCO and can continue working from the summer semester into the fall semester.

What if my student employee does not meet enrollment requirements for fall?

If your student employee does not meet enrollment requirements to continue employment into the fall semester, they will be terminated during HR’s student enrollment audit, which takes place the first week of each semester. If your student employee does not meet enrollment requirements and is not in their final semester before graduation, then they cannot work as a student employee due to IRS regulations. However, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for an alternate hiring option.

When can student employees no longer work 35 hours per week?

Student employees are allowed to work 35 hours per week total (all jobs combined if in multiple positions) through Saturday, Aug. 14.  Effective Sunday, Aug. 15, student employees must return to working no more than 25 hours per week total (if domestic) and 20 hours per week total (if international), between all jobs combined. The number of hours student employees are allowed to work each week, plus the corresponding dates, can be found on The Hub.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, visit the Student Hiring page on The Hub or email me, Brittany Holbrook, and I’d be happy to help you.

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