Conflicts and Consultations

Sydney Wood, employee relations specialist

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Conflicts are inevitable in the workplace, whether it be someone leaving their food in the fridge too long, or inappropriate or unethical behavior. Managing disputes with coworkers and supervisors can seem like a daunting challenge, but Employee Relations is here to help support you in addressing and resolving both minor and serious issues. If you come across a difficult situation that you would like help navigating, please contact Employee Relations at (405) 974-2630 or for assistance.

If you have identified a concern, but do not feel comfortable contacting Employee Relations and would like to remain anonymous in reporting the matter, feel free to use UCOMMENT to report your concern. 

Please note, this is in reference to staff, faculty and student employees. If you experience a concern regarding student conduct or behavior in the classroom, please visit the Student Conduct website, or contact the Office of Student Conduct directly at (405) 974-5380 or