S-DiSC Style Highlight

Fran Petties, director of Talent Development

This month’s DiSC spotlight will shine on the S-style. The purpose of this spotlight is to increase awareness of the differing communication styles and needs that exist across campus and provide tips to promote effective team communication and relationship building which in turn supports a positive university culture and team member retention and productivity.  

S stands for steadiness. S-DiSC style team members tend to be cautious and reflective and accepting and warm when working with others and sharing ideas.  The Wiley Everything DiSC® Culture Catalyst™ platform provides the following characteristics and tendencies of an S-style for you to consider and leverage for effective communication and team success Please note the characteristics and tendencies of individuals with an Si and SC-style are somewhat different. 

Wiley Everything DiSC Snapshot 
Goals: Harmony, stability 
Judges others by: Dependability, sincerity 
Influences others by: Accommodating others, consistent performance 
Overuses: Modesty, passive resistance, compromise 
Under pressure: Gives in, avoids revealing true opinions 
Fears: Letting people down, rapid change 
Would increase effectiveness through: Displaying self-confidence, revealing true feelings 
  • They place a high value on providing support. They tend to be good listeners, and as a result, they’re often seen as patient and accommodating. 
  • They often focus on maintaining a predictable, orderly environment. Since they tend to be cautious, they may use a methodical pace and avoid rapid change whenever possible. 
  • They value collaboration. Because they appreciate a trusting, warm environment, they may go out of their way to make sure people feel included and accepted.  

For consideration 

As an individual or campus leader, you should first seek to gain an understanding of the characteristics and tendencies of your DiSC style and then consider how you can use this information to build relationships, tailor feedback, delegate, foster teamwork, show appreciation and structure meetings and coaching sessions to match the communication needs of individuals with an S-style. We recommend individual and team DiSC training and utilization of the DiSC Catalyst platform to create a communication guide for each team member.

For additional DiSC information and training, contact the Talent Development department at talentdev@uco.edu or by calling (405) 974-2655.   

DiSC should not be used to stereotype or pigeonhole team members.  The way individuals work and interact with others is also influenced by other factors such as life experiences, education, professional development, maturity, etc.   

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