Organizational Change Resources Provided by ComPsych

Jill Robertson, employee experience specialist

Many of us are feeling the impact of the recent reduction in force, myself included. We might be able to manage without the eliminated position, but it’s really hard losing the person who filled it. It’s not surprising that some of us are struggling more than others with the changes, and that’s okay. We’re allowed to have feelings and feel them in this time of change.

ComPsych, UCO’s employee assistance program (EAP) provider, has provided us some resources to help individuals and teams cope with the changes and continue to move forward. The reduction in force resources can be found under the Self-Care section of the Care and Support page on The Hub.

Additionally, the EAP is available to all UCO faculty and staff 24/7. You can connect with ComPsych by phone at (800) 272-7255 or online at You can learn more about ComPsych’s services on The Hub.