Feature Story: Leadership Development Opportunities at UCO

Fran Petties, director of Talent Development

UCO supports the development of our current and potential leaders on campus. The application windows for both Leadership UCO (LUCO) and the Management Development Program (MDP) are quickly approaching and we encourage those who wish to grow as leaders to apply.

LUCO intentionally creates an application-based and learning-centered community to aid participants in their development of foundational leadership practices. Session topics include self-development, communication, leadership basics, strategic thinking and problem solving, group dynamics, inclusive leadership and vision.  

“I am now better equipped to empower other leaders, such as my students or even other colleagues,” says one LUCO participant. “I can identify roles that are being fulfilled and areas where there are gaps and am better able to identify strategies or persons to fill those needs. Additionally, I have really valued the emphasis on knowing my ‘why’ and using that as fuel in opportunities where I am leading. Overall, LUCO has given me opportunities to grow both professionally and personally, while also building great connections across various campus departments. I’m very grateful to have been a part of LUCO 17!”  

The MDP is a registration-based and learning-centered community designed to support anyone with a supervisory role at UCO. Sessions are condensed to accommodate the additional responsibilities that come with having a supervisory role and are designed to further develop our people leaders while they are already actively supporting and supervising their teams. Session topics will include DiSC, your role as a supervisor, UCO policies and practices, leadership in management, talent management, communication foundations, team dynamics, feedback, mental health first aid training, inclusive supervising and accountability and delegation.

“The Management Development Program is a wonderful opportunity to learn the ins and outs of how supervisors and leaders interact with their peers and those they supervise, says one MDP participant. “The lessons the program highlights help us understand ourselves and others and how our interactions shape the campus. I’ve enjoyed applying these to my day-to-day outlook and they have improved my productivity and my team’s productivity as we learn how to function better as a unit.”  

Sessions in both programs are designed to incorporate a variety of learning styles, instructional methods, reflection exercises, application practices, one-on-one feedback and community building techniques to create a holistic learning environment that helps participants not only know leadership and supervisory principles but also apply them to their specific context immediately. 

I invite you to read more detailed information on The Hub for both LUCO and MDP to decide if either of these programs may fit into your personal development goals here at UCO. Program applications will be available in late May.