Tech Corner: Employee Security Access Form (ESAF) Updates

laptop with password prompt

Stephanie Edwards, Manager of Web Strategy and IT Communications

Requesting access to tech systems can be confusing and complicated. Specific and sometimes unique access has to be requested for all new faculty and staff as well as any that may change roles or pick up new responsibilities.

As part of the Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) continued efforts to increase efficiency and empower the campus community, OIT has partnered with the Banner Leadership Team, made up of key functional stakeholders who provide support and planning for use of Banner, and other campus service owners to improve the Employee Security Access Form (ESAF).

Starting in April, and over the next several months, you will see ongoing improvements to the ESAF. These include updates to the existing PDF form to better align with current UCO systems access through the transition to a completely digital process. The best resource for following along with these exciting process improvements is the Employee Security Access Form knowledge base article.

For more information, or if you have questions, contact the UCO Service Desk by email at or by phone to 405-974-2255.