Broncho Brags

Congratulations, Laura! 

newborn baby girl wrapped in blanket with floral crown

Laura Butler and her husband Lane Claussen welcomed their first baby, Alexandra Vaughn Claussen, into the world Dec. 18, 2020. At birth, Alexandra was 7.89 pounds and 21 inches long.

Way to go, sustainability warriors Mark and Ed!  

The Oklahoma Compost Conference has been offered annually since 2015 through the support of the UCO Foundation, Student Transformative Learning Record and the input of a planning committee that has included UCO staff Eric Hemphill (former), Tim Tillman (former) and Mark Walvoord (current). In late January, the group convert to a 501c3 called the Oklahoma Compost and Sustainability Association; Walvoord was elected President. 

Mark Walvoord and Dr. Ed Cunliff collaborated with a colleague at MacKenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paolo, Brazil, to recently publish an article, “Problem-posing in management classrooms for collective sustainability transformation” in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.