Is Your Team Communication Plan One-Size-Fits-All?

Fran Petties, Director of Talent Development

Is your team communication plan one-size-fits-all? Or do you vary your workplace communications to meet the style needs of each team member? If you do not have a guide that shows you how to best communicate project and performance expectations to each team member based on their preferences, we encourage you to take the DiSC Catalyst assessment and training. DiSC as a group professional development and team-building activity is also an option.

DiSC Catalyst can help you prepare and deliver messages to individual team members in ways that can increase receptivity and buy-in. For example, did you know team members with a D-style prefer short, concise, fact-based instructions? They prefer the short-story and want you to be straight-forward with them about goals, expectations and challenges. When you meet with them, be prepared to discuss options and possibilities, answer their questions and show them how this can help them excel and achieve results.

To learn more about the communication preferences of each DiSC style and explore how DiSC can help you design a communication guide for each team member, email Fran Petties about obtaining a DiSC Catalyst assessment and training.