Feature Story: 0-90 Days, Personalizing the New Staff Experience

Cristi Moore, Talent Development Specialist

For a new staff member, onboarding is a vital time for first impressions and socialization which typically affects how long they might want to stay with the organization. Studies show when meaningful onboarding is lacking, an employee’s intent to leave increases. UCO Human Resources (HR) is excited to announce UCO’s latest onboarding tool: 0-90 Days, Personalizing the New Staff Experience.

The purpose of the tool is to create a personalized onboarding and orientation experience for new staff members from the day they accept the job offer, also known as day zero, through their first 90 days of employment. A meaningful onboarding experience helps increase staff retention, spur on their development and acclimate them to UCO’s culture. 0-90 Days offers supervisors the tools they need to ensure such an experience. Some highlights include a 0-90 Days checklist, a new staff member introductory period plan template, 0-90 Day timelines for both supervisors and staff members and five online Central Essentials learning modules.

The 0-90 Day Checklist  for supervisors includes best practices, UCO-specific suggestions and a clear plan to make the hiring, department-specific onboarding and development of new team members a little easier and more seamless. The checklist provides departmental orientation and welcome ideas, reminders to complete required new employee access forms, links to optional templates for personalizing the new employee experience and more.

A New Staff Employee Introductory Period Plan Template  helps supervisors provide relevant information and detailed plans so their new staff member knows exactly what their goals for them are during the next 90 days. This allows the new employee to start making their own decisions within a controlled environment, so they develop autonomy and self-motivation early. As the supervisor works through the template with their new employee, prompts are provided to ensure the supervisor provides clear expectations, direction, coaching and feedback. There is space for new employee performance notes, tasks, goals, assignments and meetings, which may all be referred back to throughout the new employee’s introductory period – to praise them, to counsel them, and to identify additional training or learning needs.

A 0-90 Day Timeline for Supervisors visualizes the new staff member’s first 90 days as well as what the working and coaching relationship between a new staff member and their supervisor might look like.

A  0-90 Day Timeline for New Staff visualizes what they can expect from their first 90 days and includes suggestions for conversations they could have with their supervisor in order to develop and acclimate.

Five online Central Essentials learning modules are now available to advance employee engagement and knowledge of the university in five key areas: culture, student impact, governance, career advancement and professional development.  Distribution of the five Central Essential modules will be spread out across the 0 to 90-day timeline.

How do you take advantage of this new tool? Supervisors will now receive an email containing their customizable checklist from the Talent Acquisition and Compensation team upon the posting of a new position in their department and again upon the job acceptance of their new staff member. Supervisors may also access the checklist and associated templates online in the Supervisor Tools and Support section of The Hub at any time.