Feature Story: DiSC Workplace on Catalyst

Fran Petties, Director of Talent Development

Young People with Face Masks Back at Work or School in Office after Lockdown, Talking.

Wiley, Inc., the maker of Everything DiSC Workplace, has taken its assessment resources to the next level with the launch of a new web-based platform called Catalyst. The Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst gives us insight into our own behavioral priorities when communicating with others while helping us recognize and adapt to the needs of our coworkers. By staying aligned with the cornerstone principle that all DiSC® styles are equally valuable, Workplace on Catalyst helps individuals understand their colleagues have their own behavioral and communication preferences just as they do.

Catalyst provides content that empowers participants to understand why coworkers say and do the things they do and use that knowledge to build and maintain healthy, effective working relationships. Participants have full, online access to the following areas:

  • DiSC Style: A narrative-style summary of your DiSC style with access to style-specific podcasts.
  • Workplace: Personalized content refactored into three sections for your specific style – How You Work, Understand Your Relationships and Build Better Relationships.
  • People: Style comparison capability that allows you to find people you know within UCO to compare and explore strategies for working together. This can be helpful when things get tense in working relationships, when trying to connect and collaborate, and when trying to get buy-in. This profile also includes comparison charts for reference.
  • DiSCology: Basic information about DiSC theory and research.

Most UCO faculty and staff who have taken a DiSC assessment through the Talent Development department within the last two years are eligible for a free upgrade to the Catalyst platform. The cost for a new assessment is $56.10 per individual.

Please contact me directly, Fran Petties, director of Talent Development, for assessment and training information for DiSC. Look forward to future issues of the Broncho Beat where I will go into more depth with the different DiSC styles in the workplace.