Faculty Senate Update

Kristi Archuleta, Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership, Adult Education and Safety Sciences

faculty senate update

The Faculty Senate met Thursday, Dec. 10. Reports from standing and university-wide committees where given and a discussion ensued related to the Provost search. Faculty Senate leadership on the search committee included the following:  

  • Dr. Jennifer Barger Johnson, Faculty Senate President 
  • Dr. Kristi Archuleta, Faculty Senate Past-President 
  • Dr. Luis Montes, Former Faculty Senate President 
  • Dr. Jaime Burns, Former Faculty Handbook Editorial Chairperson 
  • Dr. Dawn Lindblade-Evans, Former Secretary/Treasurer 
  • Christine Edwards, Master of Library and Information Science, Former Secretary/Treasurer 

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee also met with each Provost finalist. The executive committee includes:  

  • Dr. Jennifer Barger Johnson, President, College of Business 
  • Dr. Mariya Burdina, Vice President, College of Business 
  • Daisy Folsom, Parliamentarian, Master of Fine Arts, Acting, College of Fine Arts and Design 
  • Dr. Shawna Ellis, College of Mathematics and Science 
  • Dr. Kristi Archuleta, Correspondent, College of Education and Professional Studies 
  • Dr. Marc Goulding, College of Liberal Arts Representative 
  • Dr. Jarrett Jobe, Professional Administrator’s Representative 

Due to the extended UCO winter break, the next Faculty Senate meeting is Feb. 11, 2021. To request a link from a Faculty Senator for this meeting or find information regarding meeting agendas, minutes, and legislation please visit the Faculty Senate website.