Feature Story: Benefits Welcomes Back CVS Caremark in 2021

Written by Katie Saylor, Senior Benefits Specialist

colorful pills

Cheers to a new year and new benefits! As the benefits team has already shouted from the rooftops, the university will join CVS Caremark for all things prescription drugs in 2021. That means that our old favorites, CVS and CVS Target, will return to UCO’s network for our plans, but still provide faculty and staff members the opportunities to go to Walgreens, WalMart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Sherry’s Drug and many other favorite pharmacies next year. 

You’ll also get a new prescription drug ID card that clearly says CVS Caremark (not to be used for regular medical insurance) and the UCO logo, to use at any in-network pharmacy. But what else can you do to be prepared to use your prescription benefits for 2021?

  • Use the internet. Register at Caremark.com to make an account and keep track of your prescriptions. Starting Jan. 1, 2021, you’ll be able to search for prescriptions on Caremark.com to see if drugs are in- or out-of-network. Can’t wait that long? Check out the complete 2021 drug list on UCO’s internal website, The Hub. You can start new RX orders, refill prescriptions and more on the CVS mobile app and the member site. 
  • Know the difference: Generic vs. Brand. Knowing could you save you significant money. Always choose the generic drug instead of a brand name drug unless required by your doctor. Your pharmacy should be checking to see if a generic is available instead of a brand name drug anyway, but it never hurts to double check. 
  • Thank you, USPS. Want to skip the pharmacy ordeal for maintenance drugs? Use the 90-day supply mail order service through CVS, found at Caremark.com/mailservice. This may not apply to everyone, but how nice is it to not worry about going to the pharmacy in a pandemic? Remember, new Oklahoma law prohibits mail order discounts on co-pays. 

The Benefits team is really excited to have CVS Caremark for UCO’s pharmacy benefits, as we genuinely think they provide a superior level of customer service, knowledge and are easily accessible. Have specific questions? Reach out to benefits@uco.edu, and we’ll point you in the right direction. 

As a reminder, don’t forget to use your benefits that end Dec. 31, 2020. Medical, dental and vision deductibles and out of pocket maximums restart Jan. 1. Unused balances on your limited purpose or general use flexible spending account will only roll over up to $550. The remainder will be forfeited.

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