Broncho Brags

Let’s hear it for the Undergraduate Advisement Team!

This team spent countless hours this last summer helping incoming freshman through the Forge process and getting enrolled. They tackled August peak season with an amazing team spirit. They served over 3,100 students in the month of August alone. They have continued day in and day out with not much rest in-between. When you ask them why they do what they do they say, “because I’m in it for the students!” They love what they do, and they do it well and our students benefit tremendously from their efforts. This team is unstoppable!

Bravo, Shelley Selanders!

Shelley Selanders, operation manager for the College of Business, has made an incredible impact on all College of Business faculty, staff and students this year. Shelley works diligently as a supervisor taking care of all her colleagues.  Showing support for all they do.  Shelley shows care and gratitude towards everyone she is around.  She knows how to handle hard situations that come up and dives right in to take care of them all no matter how small or how big. Additionally, she has played a phenomenal role in preparing for the safety of faculty, staff and students during COVID-19. And finally, Shelley just celebrated her 20th anniversary with the college.

Way to go, Cindy Guthrie!

Inspired by a black and white photograph in an issue of the Curbside Chronicle, Cindy Guthrie painted a piece of art which is now being auctioned. The proceeds will be donated to benefit The Homeless Alliance, OKC, as well as Dominique Gray, the subject of the painting. The painting is currently on exhibit at Elemental Coffee, 815 N. Hudson Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK. Bids for the online auction must be received by noon, Friday, Dec. 11.  You may donate there in addition to or in lieu of bidding for the painting.

You are exceptional, Caleb Howard!

Caleb Howard, Exceptional Performance Award, first quarter winner

Congratulations to Caleb for receiving the 1st quarter Exceptional Performance Award. Caleb was nominated for his work and leadership during the Classroom Technology project brought on by COVID-19. He was able to implement technology in classrooms while juggling the needs of faculty and communicating those needs with vendors. His colleagues are very proud of him.

Nominations for the 2nd quarter Exceptional Performance Award are now open. Please submit nominations by 5 p.m. this Friday, Dec. 11, 2020, by emailing them to Recipients receive a $500 stipend. The award is available to all staff members who have a minimum of six months of continuous employment prior to nomination. Nominations may be made by anyone including faculty, staff, students and campus vendors.