Get to Know a Broncho

Tamra Cossey, Executive Assistant to the President

What is your background? 

With an undergrad in Organizational Effectiveness, most of my professional roles have been supporting organizations in an operational capacity – finding ways to streamline process, improve departmental communication and support growth. For the last decade, my background has been in higher ed. I began that journey working for a tech company based out of Arlington, VA. During my time there, I moved to a client facing role and began working alongside the institutions, partnering with them in various capacities but mainly in their enrollment, marketing and student services initiatives. Through those relationships, I had the opportunity to move “in-house” and work directly for one of my partner institution’s presidents.  

Tell me how you first got involved with UCO. 

My mom grew up in the metro and calls UCO, rather, “Central State” her alma mater. I guess in some ways, I’ve always been involved. She’s a proud Broncho and I have childhood memories of her bringing my brother and I on campus to see where mom went to college. There aren’t typically vacancies in roles like mine so when the opportunity presented itself, I was super excited. 

What would you say your strongest beliefs are about your contribution to the university? 

My strongest contributions lie in how best I assist the president. Keeping her calendar organized and ensuring she fulfill her daily commitments to the university and to the community keep my days full as well. As an extension of her and her office, I hope that I can also be a great ambassador of all of the wonderful ideas, initiatives and goals she champions for the university. 

What do you do when you are not working? 

I love spending time with my family. They are truly my favorite people and if it means carpooling to choir rehearsals, volunteering my house for the sleepover or sitting in 100 degrees to watch little league, I love it all. I love to cook but also to run, which works out well. And there was a time before children that I really used to enjoy sleeping when not working.