Broncho Brags

Congrats Norman, Ricky, and Becca!

Congrats to the annual Exceptional Performance Award winners who were recognized at Fall Convocation, Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020.

The Exceptional Performance Award recognizes staff for their dedicated work to UCO and their contribution to its mission. All staff employees who have a minimum of six months of continuous employment prior to nomination are eligible. Nominations may be made by anyone including faculty, staff, students and campus vendors. A confidential scoring committee score nominees in the areas of impact, effectiveness, innovation and significance to the UCO community. Annual award winners receive $1250 along with a plaque as a memento. 

In addition, congratulations to all those who were recognized for their contributions to UCO at this year’s convocation. View the full list of award winners.

Norman Nieves, Director of Emergency Management 

Most notably to all, in the midst of COVID-19, Norman Nieves’s emergency management preparation and leadership has served the University remarkably in a most uncertain time. Prior to the global pandemic, Norman prepared and executed a full-scale emergency management exercise that was well worth recognition previous to current events. Never did we imagine what would come. From leading task force committees to implementing university-wide initiatives and protocol, Norman has displayed excellence in the areas of innovation, effectiveness and impact; the three key areas in which winners of the Exceptional Performance Award shine. His dedication to the safety of the UCO community and our families is immeasurable.   

Ricky Maxwell, Tech Support Specialist II, Campus Enterprises 

Ricky Maxwell has consistently provided outstanding service and mentorship to others since his arrival in 2017. Ricky’s impact, effectiveness and innovation are most recently exemplified by his work for the new UCO CO-OP Esports & Gaming Arena. COVID-19 presented many challenges and delays to the project, but Ricky responded to these challenges with an upbeat attitude and ended up single-handedly building 75 percent of the high-end computers that our students and players will touch at the facility – with a 0% failure rate. This in itself would be commendable, but he didn’t stop there. Not only did he engineer the computers and setup, he was innovative in finding resources. Using free, cutting edge technology that was already is embedded in the graphics card we chose for the gaming PCs, Ricky avoided costly infrastructure for streaming. As a result, not only did he save resources, but he surpassed the benchmarked performance. In the technology and gaming worlds we tend to focus on machines and performance, but without a doubt, Ricky made the biggest impact on both. Many will experience virtual worlds through Ricky’s work.  

Becca Buckner, Media Specialist II, Information Technology 

For anyone who has held an event in the Nigh University Center, whether a client from campus or the community, they are often pleased to work with Becca Buckner. Becca is known to be an asset in the greatest time of need. Her nominator tells a story of great technical difficulties that if not for Becca, could have been absolutely disastrous to the large-scale event. Her problem-solving skills saved the day, pleasing both the client and guest speaker. Becca possesses a knack for calming clients and figuring out how to make challenges manageable, easing the minds of most-likely already stressed event planners. Her professionalism, great skill and kindness are a significant contribution to the university, particularly in an area that generates revenue for the University. Both campus and community clients leave singing her praises. 

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