August New Staff

Adam Rubin
Tech Support Specialist II
Information Technology
Ally Hardaway
Project Specialist
Academic Affairs
Andrew Castleberry
Technology Trainer II
Information Technology
Asma Ul Hosna
Research Associate
College of Mathematics & Science
Brandon Bermea
Intramural Recreation Specialist
Wellness Center
Chadwick Johnson
Assistant Basketball Coach
Christian Castellon
Tech Support Specialist I
Center for eLearning and Connected Environments
Christian Quick
Tech Support Specialist III
College of Education and Professional Studies
Christopher Lynch
Vice President
Enrollment and Student Success
Erich Brinker
IT Manager, Enterprise Services
Information Technology
Erin Goldman
Ropes Course Facilitator
Wellness Center
Heath Burge
Senior Director
Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions
Jacob Evans
Assistant Baseball Coach
Joy Todd
Retention Specialist
TRIO-Education Opportunity Center
Kierria Smith
One Stop Temporary Clerical
Communications Center
Lauren Tucker
Patrol Officer I
Police Services
Michelle Masamitsu
Administrative Assistant II
Mass Communications
Oliver Willis
Residence Hall Director
Housing Administration
Rosa Summers
Parking Officer I
Transportation and Parking
Savannah Savage
Administrative Assistant I
Stan Wagnon
Director of Athletics
Tristan Cruzan
Library Technician I
Xiaoxiao Li
Accreditation Research Specialist
Planning & Analysis