Time to Grow 

Saasha Reese, Training and Development Specialist

Each role at UCO has a different seasonal rhythm and busy period. The many innovative and creative adjustments that we are currently making to best serve the needs of our students and campus community may have disrupted some of those typical rhythms. Disruption can also provide a unique opportunity to step back, gain perspective, and adjust.   

As the fall semester begins, now is a great time to also adjust our own professional and personal growth plans. Do you want to gain knowledge in a specific area? Do you want to develop a technical skill? Do you have ideas about how to enhance a procedure or process in your department? These are a few questions to help you begin this process. After you have spent some time brainstorming ideas, research your opportunities, discuss options with your supervisor, and then create your goals.   

Set aside an hour to consider and create your professional development goals for the Fall! Include your supervisor in this process by clearly communicating about the skill or area of knowledge you hope to develop. Ask your supervisor what their priorities and growth ideas are for you as well. Discuss the options and opportunities that are available to you and brainstorm how to best incorporate those opportunities into your schedule.  

Taking an hour to explore these ideas will help you create professional development goals for the semester. The Learning Center, Learning and Development Resources, and Supervisor Development Resources are great sources to use to find learning opportunities that can fit your role, goals, and current new rhythm.