Broncho Brags

Exceptional Job, Sharon!

Congratulations to Sharon Kelting! Sharon is the winner of the FY2020 4th Quarter Exceptional Performace Award. Sharon, operations manager for the College of Mathematics and Science, was nominated for her dedication and determination to keep operations afloat admidst the pandemic at the end of the spring semester. Working overtime, Sharon made sure that not only the faculty and staff were taken care of, but that student employees had work to continue as well, even from home. Sharon’s colleagues speak very highly of her work during this time and are certainly grateful for her care for both employees and students. 

Bravo, Brad!

Brad Kiem, media operations manager in the Mass Communication Department, has been working around the clock to make sure the television and radio facilities are safe for students with innovative distancing and sanitation measures. He is also working with faculty to facilitate creative spaces so students may participate in valuable hands-on learning while still maintaining distancing. Brad is working diligently on the new challenges brought by the coronavirus, while still executing his other regular tasks. Thank you, Brad! 

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