What Are Your Business Continuity Plans?

Brandy Kemp,  Administrative Specialist for Environmental Health and Safety

Do you have a family emergency plan? You probably have a plan in case of a house fire, family illness or a natural disaster. Your plan may include storing vital documents in a fireproof box, creating a list of emergency contacts or designating a meeting place. Did you know organizations create similar plans? 

A business continuity plan aids an organization during and after an incident by answering four key questions: 

  1. Where could/would we go? 
  1. How would we communicate and what would we say? 
  1. What do we do and what functions are most important? 
  1. What equipment is needed to continue our job?  

Business continuity plans ensure that disasters or unplanned incidents do not severely impact the operations and core business functions. Business continuity planning is an interdepartmental process of implementing the tactics used to restore normal business in a set amount of time and communicate critical information to organizational stakeholders during and following incidents. 

Business continuity was an ongoing project at the university before the pandemic. In the aftermath of shutting down and reopening, the need for business continuity plans for each department is critical. Therefore, UCO Risk Manager Kathy Gradnigo is scheduling virtual training sessions with each department. Business continuity training consists of going over the existing departmental business continuity plan, discussing improvements and changes, and participating in group scenario simulations. The training is engaging, thought-provoking and informative. 

For more information, contact Kathy Gradnigo.  

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