Payroll Calendar & NEO Dates: Effective Dates for Hires and Employee Changes 

Annabelle Saunders, HRIS and Operations Strategist 

The FY21 Payroll Calendar and FY21 New Employee Orientation Calendar are now available.   

  • The effective date for all new hires and transfers must coincide with a NEO date.   
  • Any exceptions require VP approval  
  • For questions regarding new hire/transfers, please email  
  • The effective date for all promotions and exempt changes should coincide with the first working date of the biweekly pay period. 
  • It is recommended that PAFs are submitted at least 2 weeks in advance  
  • PAFs must be approved by the entire workflow before they are effective   
  • PAFs can be monitored via the PAF dashboard in Paycom  

For questions regarding PAFs, please email   


  • sandy hunter

    I can’t access the payroll calendar. The link sends me to microstoft. It says my organization doesn’t have an account. I am not using my personal account to access work items. Please advise how to see this