Feature Story: A Letter from AAFSA President Elect Reggie Jordan

Reggie Jordan, Director of Athletic Academic Support Services 

I watched a man die in handcuffs. It was tough. I’m still hurting today. My heart is heavy, and my soul is grieved. Our community is hurting. We all watched in horror and disbelief when we saw one of our brothers die while being detained. The system of governance and justice has once again failed us. George Floyd was taken from us by those who were trained to protect and serve. He was taken from us needlessly. No; he was murdered.   

Our hurt and pain stems from those who hate us; they see us as less than human. I’m struggling for the right words, emotions and feelings.  I wish I had answers. I want to say it’s going to be alright. I want to be the calming influence with words of encouragement.   

I have been asked why we are protesting; why we are rioting and looting. First, we are protesting injustice, and secondly, we are not looting. I refuse to answer those questions for you. If you don’t know and understand, read a book and research our history. We are protesting as this has been our message for over 400 years. When will we be heard? When will we be seen as equal? When will all of America stand up and acknowledge the plight of black and brown people?  

What I do know is, we can and should unite with each other. Reach out to each other and grieve together as one community.  

I am glad we are rising up to voice our demand for equal justice. I am glad we are protesting peacefully so that those in charge can see the sheer magnitude of our community. I am glad other races are following our lead for equality.    

The University of Central Oklahoma has a growing list of resources and information addressing racism and social injustice. Please read and share these resources that can be found on the UCO Addressing Racial and Social Injustice webpage.  

Reggie Jordan is the director of Athletic Academics and Student Services and the 2019-2020 president for the African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA). He has been with UCO since 2013. A former student athlete at the University of Oregon, Jordan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in athletic administration. He continued to work in the athletic department at the University of Oregon until 2009. During that time, Jordan met his wife, also a former college athlete, and they now reside in Edmond with their two daughters, Emma and Avery. In his free time, Jordan enjoys fishing and watching his girls play basketball.