Office Cleaning Guidance from Environmental Health & Safety

Brandy Kemp, EHS Administrative Specialist

Cleaning and disinfection routines can greatly reduce or eliminate the viral count of COVID-19 on surfaces and objects in the office. Following these six steps will promote a healthier work environment.  

Step 1: Check that your product is EPA-approved. (List of EPA-approved disinfectants

Step 2: Read the directions. Follow the product’s directions. Check “use sites” and “surface types” to see where you can use the product. Read the “precautionary statements.” Remember never to mix cleaning products. 

Step 3: Pre-clean the surface. Make sure to wash the surface with soap and water if the directions mention pre-cleaning or if the surface is visibly dirty. 

Step 4: Follow the contact time. You can find the contact time in the directions. The surface should remain wet the whole time to ensure the product is effective. 

Step 5: Wear gloves and wash your hands. Discard disposable gloves after each cleaning or dedicate a pair of reusable gloves to disinfecting. Wash your hands after removing the gloves. 

Step 6: Clean and disinfect high-touch and shared surfaces daily. (e.g., tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, phone receivers and keypads, remotes, handles, touchscreens, desks, shared electronics and equipment) 

Printable Infographic to Hang in Your Office