Get-to-Know a Broncho

Jack Phillips, College of Business Marketing & Development Coordinator 

What is your background? 

My background is in higher ed marketing and communications. I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in strategic communications. Since then, I’ve worked at a several other colleges, including OSU and OCCC, in various marketing roles before landing at UCO.  

Tell me how you first got involvedat UCO. 

I got involved at UCO last summer. I had only ever heard great things about UCO prior to working and going to school here. I was on campus for an interview to be in the MBA program when I learned about the marketing and development coordinator position in the College of Business. The MBA program director and my graduate advisor told me I should apply. I started my job at UCO and grad school on the same day!  

What would you say your strongest beliefsareabout your contributiontothe university? 

In my position, I get to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our students. I love being able to tell College of Business students’ stories and witness the contributions they make to the university community. 

What do you do when youare not working? 

When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, reading, being outdoors and trying out new restaurants in OKC.