Don’t Let Teleworking Stunt Your Professional Growth

Fran Petties, Director of Talent Development 

Now that many UCO employees are starting to settle into working remotely, the HR Talent Development team would like to encourage you to build time for professional development into your daily work schedule. There are numerous ways to develop and enhance your skills while working remotely. Many departments across campus have been transferring their classroom learning opportunities and special events into live webinars as we adapt to the everchanging COVID-19 pandemic. Participating in live webinars affords UCO employees opportunities to connect and learn with others as well as ask real-time questions from anywhere. Recorded live sessions, give participants the added ability to replay sessions as many times as they like, at their own pace. Plus, recorded sessions and events can be shared with individuals unable to attend.   

These are some suggestions to keep you learning and developing your skills no matter the location of your workstation. 

  • Complete your Compliance Training courses. Online versions of these courses can be found by clicking on the Custom and Courses tabs.  
  • Look for upcoming skill-building and professional development opportunities on the Master Calendar, in Centralities, The Hub and the Learning Center
  • Read a book or scholarly article related to a key topic within your profession. 
  • Schedule a virtual meeting with a mentor or mentee. 
  • Conduct research on an important topic. 
  • Analyze data that you have been collecting to identify trends. 
  • Create desk manuals for process consistency and improvement, and to support the growth of others. 

Visit the Talent Development page on The Hub for a list of our programs and services.  Email us at if you have any questions.