Get-to-Know a Broncho

Victor Santos E Silva

What is your background?

As for my background, I am originally from Brazil and I was born in a very large city called São Paulo. I always saw myself working with computers. Since I was a little kid I had immense support from my grandmother on fulfilling this passion. Every week we would go to a newsstand together and she would buy me computer magazines. I read in one of those magazines about a Brazilian lady who had gotten her Microsoft certifications at age sixteen and that sparked my interest in getting certified as well. I got my first Microsoft certification at age fourteen.

Two years later I started working for, what was at the time, the largest BI consulting company in Brazil. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, but after my grandma passed away, I realized it was time to take my shot at the American dream and left São Paulo for Oklahoma City.

Tell me how you first got involved at UCO.

I left Brazil to pursue my bachelor’s. At the time, I was looking for a university that was affordable, in a location that would give me opportunities to improve my English and experience of what American life was truly like. As an international student I wasn’t looking to find a “home”, but that’s precisely what I got.

During my first semester I got involved with the International Student Council (ISC) and served as their webmaster and graphic designer. I also got a job working for the library computer lab. From there I worked for the help desk, then I became a support tech and graduated.

After graduating I got a job working for a software development company, but two weeks later got a call from Campus Enterprises and I haven’t looked back since. All in all, it’s been a decade at UCO.

What would you say your strongest beliefs are about your contribution to the university?

I currently work for Campus Enterprises as Director of IT, and I oversee an area called DATA – Data Analytics & Technology Applications. We support the technology and systems our residents, customers, dining patrons and so on use daily.

I was able to experience UCO as a foreigner, a student, a student council member, a student worker and as a staff member. What I love about this place is that there’s opportunity, transformation and enrichment in each one of these roles. My involvment in Esports furthers cements this belief.

What do you do when you are not working?

My wife and I love to travel; we usually have a big trip every year.
I’m also a car enthusiast and enjoy road trips, a good barbeque (I’m partial to Brazilian BBQ – Churrasco), tech gadgets and fixing things around the house.

Buddy Broncho made his first appearance in UCO's own newspaper The Vista. It was the October 3, 1932, issue where a Broncho appears wearing a UCO football uniform. He has appeared numerous times throughout the years from local Edmond papers in the 60's to state-wide papers in the 80's. The commissioning of the first ever live mascot appears in UCO's 1979 Bronze Book where Buddy Broncho made his first public appearance at Homecoming. Since that time, Buddy has been a fixture at UCO events and in the hearts of UCO students.