Feature Story: Introducing “The Hub”

Jill Robertson, Employee Experience Specialist

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Since arriving at UCO a little over a year ago, I cannot begin to count how many times I’ve heard “the people at UCO are what make UCO.” Meaning, we succeed as an institution of higher learning because we have employees who are invested and passionate about the outcomes of students and the impact we have on our community. Students are the very heart of what we do. Our role is significant; each interaction having the potential to forever impact someone’s education and future.  

The Division of People & Culture is here to support you in that significant role. In the midst of a global pandemic, constantly shifting the way we work and live each day, we want some hope of solid ground. In the chaos and confusion, we need each other. We can’t guarantee solid ground, but we can dedicate this time to serving you well. UCO employees should be equipped with the resources to do their job well and the support of a community with a collective goal.  

The People & Culture Resource Hub, what we like to call “The Hub,” was created to do just that. And trust me, it goes far beyond policies and procedures, documents and forms, and completing the required processes you all enjoy so much. There is knowledge that brings power, opportunity to grow and develop, ways to encourage and support each other, resources to maintain a better work/life balance and more.  

This being the first platform of its kind open to all UCO employees, we are certainly open to feedback. Where do you need the most support? What resources are you looking for? Are there any keywords you’re using in the search feature that aren’t pulling up what you need? (We highly suggest using the search feature by the way.) What are we missing? Please partner with us to make your employee experience here at UCO the best it can be.  

Check out The Hub at peoplehub.uco.edu.

In partnership with the Office of Information Technology and University Communications, we have created this space for our essential internal processes, documents and resources that should be available to each employee. While the university still explores options for an enterprise intranet solution, this allows UCO employees to access essential content that is not available on the public website. This site may be temporary and is not an official university solution for an intranet; however, in the interim, we are eager to provide employees with these resources.  

Jill Robertson, Employee Experience Specialist
Jill Robertson
Employee Experience Specialist

Jill is the employee experience specialist at UCO. She joined the Employee Relations team in January 2019. She has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from UCO and two associate degrees in Graphic Communications and Diversified Studies. She is passionate about relationship building, effective communication and empowering others. She is also passionate about pizza and her dog child, Luna.