Feature Story: Self-care, there’s an app for that

Justine Kendall, Director of Benefits

Lots of people think of self-care as spending too much money at the mall, indulging in Auntie Anne’s soft pretzel bites (dipped in ranch of course), or staying at home on a Friday night instead of going out with friends. But instead of using self-care as a term to justify our vices, what if we started using self-care to push ourselves to be better? Self-care can be focusing on your physical health, yes, but what about focusing on your mental health?

We heard you—we heard that you want faster, better and more affordable access to mental health services, and we agree. Enter: MDLive; we’ve added behavior health options on our telemedicine app, through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK). All of our medical plans include access to this app, with two out of our five medical plans on a $15 copay to use the app’s services. That’s right–$15 dollars. That’s less than one margarita, two tacos and a side of chips and queso at Torchy’s Tacos. You can call or video chat with a licensed mental health professional for $15 per counseling session, and also includes visiting with a psychiatrist who can write prescriptions.

For employees on UCO’s HDHP with HSA PPO, First Dollar Coverage PPO and Direct Primary Car HDHP PPO plan, using counseling services in the app is still more affordable than going to an in-person counseling session or using subscription-based apps. How easy it could be for you to schedule a session on your own time, and not worry about getting to an appointment on time? Behavioral health can be a daunting task to take charge of, so the convenience and low cost of app-based therapy can be the perfect place to start, continue or finish your mental health journey.

To get started using this service, download the MDLive app, and use the instructions on flier to get started—you’ll only need to provide your first and last name, date of birth and BCBSOK member ID (found on your BCBSOK card or on the BCBSOK app).

New year, new you—but only if it’s for the better. And keep eating tacos.

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Justine Kendall, Director of Benefits
Justine Kendall,
Director of Benefits

Justine is the director of benefits and has worked at UCO for 5 years. She is a LUCOA member and received her MBA from UCO in 2012 and her undergraduate from OU in 2011. Justine prefers napping to almost anything else.

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