Tech Corner: Tips for Jumping Right Back in!

Authored by David Seigman and Kenny Taylor

If you can’t quite recall where you left off or where you saved that work-in-progress document right before the break, we have a few tips to help remind you. 

Windows Users

The Windows 10’s Timeline feature helps answer the question: what was I working on? This handy feature can track what documents and Web pages you’ve been working on over the past weeks and months, organizing them into a collection of documents you can quickly open to pick up where you left off. Results are displayed in chronological order from current date and time up to a month ago.

To open Windows Timeline, click the Windows Key (The key shaped like four boxes next to the ALT key on your keyboard) + TAB at the same time.

Credits to David Seigman

Mac Users

Don’t worry Mac users, we have a tip for you too. The MacOS has a similar feature called “Recent Items.” Similarly, you can view the most recently accessed applications, documents and servers that you have accessed.

The view your recent items, you access your Apple menu found in the far upper right corner of your screen.

Credits to Kenny Taylor

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